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Hi, I'm emerson

Living in Malta, I grew up watching Italian television, spending my weekday afternoons and weekend mornings watching all the finest animations Italia Uno had to offer.

I still remember the first time I turn on the TV and Action Man was on: I was instantly hooked! I received my first Action Man a few months later – an Action Man Sky Diver, I still have it to this day, box included! 

Fast forward a few years, the toys were packed up in boxes gathering dust until COVID-19 came along and I had enough time to unpack all these beautiful memories and rediscover my favourite action figure. 

Since then I’ve been collecting both boxed and loose figures, and I’ve noticed that there aren’t many resources for AM as much as there are for GI Joe, and thus, the idea for this site was born. I also noticed a lack of HD/4K version of the animated series, and that is how the Action Man 4K Upscale came about.

Thank you for visiting this online portal, and thank you to all those who have been with me during this awesome adventure – check out some of my friends’ links below!


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